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      In 2000 I was a sole proprietor, transferring passengers around Kyiv, to/from airports and hotels in standard class cars, maintaining an emphasis on punctuality, reliability and efficiency.
     During the 18 years ‘The Dnieper Seagull’ came into being and now we have a group of experienced drivers with a range of saloon cars, luxury people carriers, hybrid and all-electric business and luxury cars, plus an extended network of partner vehicle operators, providing passenger transportation around Kyiv and its environs, Ukraine wide and abroad if needed. This also includes minivan and coach partners. Now we are able to provide chauffeur driven car transportation at competitive rates to business and leisure travellers. Our drivers speak English. In that time nearly 5000 visits have been undertaken. For the time being a lion’s share of bookings are made by leading international providers of cooperation services in Ukraine through open tendering processes.
     With the continual challenges in the car service sector we are trying to keep up with the changes to match customers’ needs, having embarked upon a detailed review of our work on a regular basis. Thus when in Kyiv, ‘The Dnieper Seagull’ is just the ticket for getting you to precise destination efficiently. Our aim is to achieve the very highest standards possible for all our passengers and actually to redefine car chauffeured travel in Ukraine.
                                                                                            ROMAN YAKYMCHUK, The Dnieper Seagull Managing Director

     We are on the road for you! Your car transfer can be booked with ease on The Dnieper Seagull accessible website. After you’ve confirmed the calculated fare and payment details, you’ll receive an e-mail of confirmation shortly afterwards.
You can rely on us to transfer you precisely on time and on budget! If you have any queries, please ask away.

Our email address: info@dseagull.com.ua

How to make booking

To apply quickly for a chauffeur car service in Kyiv and Ukraine wide, fill out the form on the site, book a callback or call: +38 (063) 628-10-82; +38 (096) 558-03-87.

Please note: chauffeur driven car services in Kyiv are available on advance booking at least 12 hours before the planned date of travel.