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This Volkswagen T6 model is designed for up to 10 people. Comfortable with long transfers in Ukraine, meetings at the airport. It’s nice to note that this is a fairly rare capacity for minibuses, so if your group of 8-10 people – you save much, since the minivans of the next model range have a capacity of 18 people and, accordingly, other tariffs.

Cost of 1 hour of rent TransferMileage in Ukraine Car delivery
380 UAH1150 UAH12 UAH/км380 UAH
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In order to quickly apply for a car rental with a driver in Kiev and Ukraine, fill out the form on the site, book a callback or call: +38 (063) 628-10-82; +38 (096) 558-03-87; +38 (095) 537-28-62.

Please note: car rental with a driver is available on pre-order at least 12 hours before the planned date of travel.